Naomi Grossman American Horror Story’s Pepper Interview | CB081

Naomi Grossman Interview

Naomi Grossman plays Pepper on American Horror Story. Naomi talks about how she made a name for herself in Hollywood, her involvement in comedy’s “Secret Society” known as Groundlings, living in [and crashing!] the Red Bull truck, her initial trouble finding roles in the beginning of her career, and ultimately how her big mouth, big booty, shaved head, and giant personality actually helped her land roles in Hollywood…

Pepper Interview | Naomi Grossman Interview | American Horror Story | CB081

We also talk CGI heads, fat suits, prosthetic arms, and all the fun that comes along with playing Pepper on American Horror Story, and reveal exactly how many people every month are searching online for “Naomi Grossman naked.”

This is a real barn-burner of an episode, folks — download it now!

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Chris creates an embarrassingly honest Tinder profile, and Naomi Grossman talks about Pepper’s Tinder exploits (who knew!?)

American Horror Story Season 5 News

Naomi Grossman reveals the theme for next season’s American Horror Story, and a super extra special guest star who will be in MULTIPLE episodes next season (hint: it’s a HUGE celebrity)! 


Naomi tells us about her stay in the improv comedy scene’s “Secret Society” known as Groundlings. Naomi was a part of Groundlings from 2001 – 2006,  and she gives us some insight into how things operate behind-the-scenes at this comedy cult.

“Groundlings is kind of like Survivor… they vote you off.”

Chris also brings up a mysterious sentence that appears on the Naomi Grossman Wikipedia page regarding some implied bad blood between Groundlings and Naomi. Naomi addresses the Groundlings Beef LIVE on this episode (there is no Groundlings beef…. or is there?)

Working in Hollywood

Naomi talks about playing “Nurse #4 To The Left” roles, where you’re supposed to blend into the background as an extra.

“I’ve got a shaved head, a big mouth, and a big booty… I do not blend in the background”

How many people searched for ‘Naomi Grossman Naked’ last month?

We did our research on this one and we have Naomi guess how many people searched for weird, scandalous things about her online. We also talk about people who are into her for her feet.

More Info About Naomi

Naomi Grossman will be at the Evansville Horror Con on April 17th & 18th, 2015.

Check out for full details and all sorts of other Naomi Grossman goodies.

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