Predicting the Future with Karl Spain | CB094

 karl spain predicts future live on Chris Brake Show

using really, really hard, technical facts.

Chris makes lsd pact with friend

mutual lsd pact. karl buzzes on the doses.

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Predicting the Future with Karl Spain | CB094

MAE*GUN’s gone?

we tell you why that is.

season 2 of the Chris Brake Show begins with a new rule

no more friends on the show. they never work out and don’t enjoy doing the show and and and…
props to beardie and the beast (and mike moore from wfod) for the idea

karl spain’s almanac

  • karl spain says we’re going to have really cold winters for the next 3 years.
  • that’s because there’s low sunspot activity on the sun.
  • we’ve had 2 really cold winters in USA and Europe, in defiance of global warming
  • does global warming make the earth cool down? karl explains.

karl Sez

look up “dalton minimum”

every 200 years when the gas giants are lined up in a certain way, it makes the earth cooler. because of IR waves and stuff..


look up “year with no summer”

and hey while you’re at it…

look up “manklovitch factor”

 karl’s In charge

“i am suggesting we grow some extra wheat and vegetables and store it” – karl spain

 karl’s recommendations

look up “The Year Without Summer.”

google “coldest winters ever last 2 years”


 why can’t Chris grow zucchinis?

If it’s because white, powdery mold, karl says do this…

50% milk / 50% water

karl’s recipe for getting rid of that white powdery mold

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