Pirates and Aliens with Captain Tonz (Mr Anthony Cummins) | CB113

Our pirate friend Captain Tonz returns! Tonz talks about Mormons running the CIA, aliens, clones, portals, weird stuff out in the ocean, dolphins helping pirates out at sea, and the Vatican’s Austrian agents killing Captain Tonz’s crew mate with stick of dynamite.

“More than half of the CIA are Mormons. They import clones with the help of nuns from the Vatican.”

Pirates and Aliens with Captain Tonz (Mr Anthony Cummins) | CB113

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Samar Island Gateway

Captain Tonz says an island in the Philippines named Samar is a gateway where things (such as clones) come and go from somewhere else. He also talks about being cornered by a CIA agent, flying on a plane with some of the clones, and being involved with the arrest of a Philippine president.

“There are places that we call ‘Gateways’ where ‘Clones’ are brought in. These Clones are part of an Alien ‘influence’ towards an event that is about to happen.”

Captain Tonz vs Stanford University

Tonz wants Stanford University to correlate the time of earthquakes and the time of high tide. He believes this can calculate the location of an incoming cloaked object in our solar system.


Check out the official Captain Tonz website at CaptainTonz.com

Click the image below to check out The 13th Day written by Captain Tonz

Captain Anthony B Cummins Tonz: a Pirate Autobiography | the 13th Day

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