Spitfire Sarah Stops By | CB117

Sarah’s back, and this time she’s pregnant. We talk about Sarah’s subchorionic hemorrhage, her retroverted uterus, the baby making her fart, pelvic rest, and being a “long pusher.” We also talk about feeling fake boobs, Text Message John’s religion, and whether Sarah will raise a WASP. And we dig into Text Message John’s Facebook profile to try and find out what kind of guy Sarah’s breeding with.

Spitfire Sarah Stops By | CB117

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Strange Label Babies

There’s this weird Strange Label phenomenon happening where everyone’s getting pregnant.

  • Mandy Weaver from the Firnecast: Pregnant
  • Jim from Not Safe For Watercoolers: Pregnant
  • Napier from Wheelbarrow Full Of Dicks: Pregnant

And now…

  • Sarah from the Chris Brake Show: Also Pregnant.

Offensive or Not Offensive

This week we talk about “child bearing hips,” calling someone “Oriental,” and the most offensive thing of all: Brazil Nuts.


6 thoughts on “Spitfire Sarah Stops By | CB117

  1. Three Found Under The Chris
    Brake Show Christmas Tree:

    1. Teenie weenie socks.

    2. Pacifier.

    3. Children’s music CD’s.
    Spitfire Sarah stealing the show-
    As the anticipated arrival time is in full flow.

    Liked by 1 person

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