Employee Theft and Charles Manson | CB119

Fired from jobs stories, stealing from companies, LSD stories, #shrooms, the Happiness Project, Charles Manson, Prince’s movie vault, intrusive conversators, an update on the Gas Station Girl … and Jake explains why Facebook is evil.

Employee Theft and Charles Manson | CB119

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Shout out to Malinda Kathleen Reese for lending her Google Translate parody of “Let It Go” from Frozen to us so we could use it during the show. Here’s an extremely tiny picture of her from YouTube. Click it to visit her YouTube channel.

Malinda Kathleen Reese

And thanks to the Mottled Macaroon for recommending the Happiness Project! Below is a medium-sized picture of her from Twitter. Click it to read her blog.

the Mottled Macaroon

One thought on “Employee Theft and Charles Manson | CB119

  1. Three That Will Get You Every Time:

    1. Joke.

    2. Pun.

    3. The Chris Brake Show.
    ALL through 2015.

    P.S. Enjoyed all year long-
    Knowing that in 2016, it will still be going strong.


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