The Lazy Day | CB135

We discuss David Lindquist’s review of Andrew WK’s performance at the Fountain Square Festival, Kimya Dawson, Does Prozac give you headaches?, picking up hitchhikers, and Van Halen’s F.U.C.K. crashes our computer. Later Tyler shows up and we talk about the marijuana vending machine stock he talked Jake into buying, the most missing item a waiter forgets to bring at a restaurant, steps to not getting stiffed as a valet driver, and Chris Brake explains how he cracked a safe.

Lazy Day Show | CB135

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Indy Star Reporter David Lindquist Not A Fan of The WK

‘Moronic’ Andrew W.K. lacks both ‘heart and brains’, plays ‘guitar shaped like a slice of pizza’ | Indianapolis Star reporter David Lindquist


Original review by David Lindquist:

Tyler and Jake’s marijuana vending machine:

John’s investment guy: Marian Financial / Matson Money

Article about tipping referenced during the show:

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