40 Oz Pimp: Under the Hat with Dale J Gordon | CB151

Dale J. Gordon protects 40 Oz. Pimp from an angry black man after 40 Oz. Pimp uses the ‘N’ word on his 2016 Siege of the South tour. We talk with Nashville recording artist Dale J. Gordon about keeping 40 safe on the Siege of the South tour, and later we try to convince the 40 Oz Pimp that he shouldn’t use the ‘N’ word, especially if he isn’t racist.

This episode contains part one of the 40 Oz. Pimp Definitive Interview. 

40 Oz Pimp: Under the Hat with Dale J Gordon | CB151

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  • The 2016 Siege of the South tour with 40 Oz. Pimp
  • 40 Oz Pimp live show at Supra Sound Studio in Nashville, TN with Dale J. Gordon and Rob Stewart
  • 40 crashing with Dale on the SOTS tour
  • 40 Oz Pimp jamming out at the flea market
  • Argument about Evolution Tattoo owner John
  • 40 addresses Terrell, the angry black man
  • 40 Oz detox update
  • Drinking, being gay
  • 40’s drinking schedule on tour
  • 40 banned from Facebook for using ‘N’ word while on tour
  • 40 starts commotion using the ‘N’ word on tour
  • 40 swears that the ‘N’ word means “ignorant”
  • We try to convince 40 that “No, it doesn’t”

Siege of the South Tour Links

Check out this live video of 40 Oz Pimp performing with Dale J Gordon and Rob Stewart live at Supra Sound Studios in Nashville, TN on the 2016 Siege of the South tour:

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