Drew Thompson For Congress and Kenny from Howie At The Coffee Shop | CB152

Libertarian Drew Thompson is running for Indiana Congress in 2016. Special in-studio guest Kenny from Howie at the Coffee Shop joins us as we talk with Drew Thompson and his campaign manager Courtney Turner about the Carson family controlling Indiana congress since 1974, current Indiana congressman Andre Carson’s close ties with Muslim radicals, Carson taking money from pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and other questionable parties, and we learn just how much Libertarians like Uber.

Drew Thompson For Congress and Kenny from Howie At The Coffee Shop | CB152

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Drew Thompson Topics

  • Difference between a Senator and a Congressman

  • Carson family’s four-decade control of Indiana Congress

  • Justin Amash (now he’s a cool lookin’ guy!)

  • What would be different if Andre Carson didn’t take money from all the special interest groups?
  • Drew’s thoughts on John MacAffee
  • A special question from Howie at the Coffee Shop’s Dustin
  • “Every legislation written by a bureaucrat, I would get rid of it.” – Drew Thompson
  • Where Drew Thompson gets his campaign money

Drew Thompson Links

Check out Drew Thompson online!
Follow Drew’s campaign manager Courtney Turner on Twitter @hezymundo

Kenny from Howie At The Coffee Shop Links

Check out to Kenny on the Howie at the Coffee Shop podcast at:
Check out the film Kenny made called Maybe Tomorrow here:

Also In This Episode

For the first time in forever this episode includes a new 5 Minutes in Capeside segment! This time we hear about Dawson Creek fan Kenny’s  #1 Kevin Williamson fan page.
Kenny also tells us about his recent [redacted] and the craziness that went down during that. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s pretty crazy man. Shout out to Kenny for being brave enough to share all the little details of his recent [redacted] that most people would probably be afraid to share with anyone, let alone in a public forum such as this.
Kenny’s a balls-to-the-wall type of guy though, I suppose.
And let’s not forget… we also talk about Kenny’s massive wang in this episode.


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