Almighty Spit and MK14 from FANGBANG plus 40 Oz Pimp | CB155

FangBang is in the house! Hardcore Indianapolis rappers Almighty Spit and MK14 have formed a new group, and it’s called FangBang. They wear scary masks. They rap about scary things. They are some scary dudes. 

The guys stopped by for an in-studio interview the night before opening for Lil’ Wyte to show us their new masks, debut some brand new songs, and argue with the 40 Oz Pimp and his manager. This episode is not to be missed!

Almighty Spit and MK14 from FANGBANG plus 40 Oz Pimp | CB155

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Who is FangBang?

Almighty Spit gained notoriety in Indy as the fastest chopper in Naptown, and MK14 has been burning up Indianapolis with solo releases and collabs for a while now. Check out Almighty Spit’s track “Fastest Rapper in Naptown (Part 2)” for proof of his chopping abilities, and check out this playlist with some of MK14’s songs featuring Devi Franco, Young Cashflow, Mista Mann, Cheezy the Don, and Nastie Ink.

FangBang has already been turning heads in the local Indianapolis hip-hop scene, and are blowing up shows with people like Scarface, Lil’ Wyte, and they’ve just announced they will be opening for Krayzie Bone at the Emerson Theater.

FangBang / Almighty Spit / MK14 Topics

  • Lil’ Wyte getting arrested a couple days ago
  • We listen to new songs!
    • “Cry” by Almighty Spit
    • “Oblivion” by MK14
    • “Electric Kool-Aid” by FangBang feat. Kung Fu-Vampire
    • “Somethin Like a Freakshow” by FangBang
  • Working with Kung-Fu Vampire
  • Hooking up with Circus Envy from Atlanta
  • The meaning behind some of the FangBang songs

FangBang Links

FangBang hasn’t officially released any songs yet, but you can follow their SoundCloud here:

They will be releasing songs on there soon, as well as a new album together.

For now, you can catch up with Almighty Spit with the following links:

And you can check out MK14 here:

Also In This Episode

40 Oz Pimp calls in to argue with FangBang. And 40’s manager helps us identify the strip club that 40 Oz Pimp shares a property line with. That’s right: the 40 Oz Pimp lives right across from a strip club. We’ll definitely have to call over there sometime.

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