Etiquette Expert Rosalinda Randall, Author of ‘Don’t Burp in the Boardroom’ plus 40 Oz Pimp | CB156

If you’re wondering why nobody can stand to be around you, then Rosalinda Randall’s Don’t Burp In The Boardroom should be at the top of your reading list. But can she help solve Larry David’s social awkwardness? We run down some of Larry’s most famous social problems from Curb Your Enthusiasm and ask the Queen of Etiquette how she would respond if she were in Larry’s shoes.

Rosalinda Randall on Larry David's Etiquette

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Rosalinda has been spreading the etiquette vibes for over 15 years all over the world. She’s sassy, funny, and down-to-earth, and believes that etiquette comes down to trying to make people feel as good as possible when they’re around you. Here are some photographs of Rosalinda that you can look at:

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Rosalinda Randall Topics

Larry David / Curb Your Enthusiasm etiquette questions:
  • Shoes off in the house rule, is it breakable?
  • What to do about ice cream sample abuse?
  • Should you have to wear a costume to get Trick-or-Treat candy?
    • If you don’t get the candy, is it okay to come back and spraypaint “Bald Asshole” on the non-candygiver’s house?
  • What is the phone call cut-off time?
  • Is it okay to bring your driver food from the restaurant you’re eating at?
    • Is it okay for the driver to ask you for a fork?
      • Do you have to go get the fork? What do you do?
  • Do you have to respect wood?
    • Do you have to take the fall for someone who doesn’t respect wood?
  • How should you deal with the Chat & Cut while waiting in line?
Other topics we covered:
  • Standing when a lady enters the room, what’s that about?
  • Are manners dead?
  • Is chivalry offensive to some people?
  • Differences between manners in workplace and manners in regular society
  • Gender-neutral zones
  • Do attractive people get more attention than unattractive?
  • Shaking hands vs fistbumping in the boardroom?
  • Reason we wear ties?
  • Serious discussion about restroom etiquette
  • Handicapped restroom etiquette
  • Can you slip the guy a $20 at the restaurant for better service?
  • Tyler Durden’s question: the crotch or the butt, which do you give as you pass someone?

Rosalinda Randall Links

Twitter @rosalindatweets

Check out Rosalinda’s book Don’t Burp in the Boardroom by clicking the image below:

Don't Burp in the Boardroom by Rosalinda Randall

Don’t Burp in the Boardroom by Rosalinda Randal

Here is a video of Rosalinda Randall talking about male chivalry and opening the door for a lady:

Also In This Episode

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Then the 40 Oz Pimp calls in and gets to talk with James Hetfield from Metallica, then proceeds to threaten to sue us. And the guy across the street from 40 gets really angry and yells at 40. Finally, 40’s manager Zach weighs in on the situation with the guy across the street, to tell us what’s really going on over there.

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