Bree Whitehead of Stoned Media Group and Naked Weed Report | CB160

Bree Whitehead started the Naked Weed Report because she likes weed and sex sells. Bree is the owner of Stoned Media Group, the Naked Weed Report, and Stoned Girls. And she has just released three new sites: Stoned Tube, Stoned Insider, and the High Finance Report. We talk with Bree about sexism, filming naked chicks, marijuana vending machines, a new Afroman/Naked Weed Report song, and more. We also briefly speak with her business associate Lulu Cohen!

Bree Whitehead of Stoned Media Group and Naked Weed Report | CB160

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Bree Whitehead Topics

  • Afroman
  • Can you hit a woman?
  • Irreverancy
  • Norm MacDonald
  • Filming naked chicks
  • Naked Weed Report song with Afroman
  • Lobbying for marijuana
  • Is sexism as bad as racism?
  • Bree Whitehead is a sexist
  • Wilmington, Dawson’s Creek, and the 40 Oz Pimp?
  • Marijuana vending machines
  • Juggalos

Bree Whitehead Links

Check out Bree Whitehead’s websites at:

Talk to Bree Whitehead @bree2dtoo on Twitter

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