Biologist Matthew Podolsky and Cubs Win World Series | CB166

Matthew Podolsky is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, biologist, and an expert in wildlife and conservation advocacy. We talk with Matt about monorails, Afroman, documentary techniques, blind designs, wrangling condors, and recovering a dead body from the Grand Canyon. And (Spoiler Alert): the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series! It’s a brand new world. Welcome to episode 166 of the Chris Brake Show!

Biologist Matthew Podolsky and Cubs Win World Series | CB166


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Matthew Podolsky Topics

  • Podolsky’s Emmy nomination
  • flying over Indianapolis
  • why Boise and Indianapolis don’t have a monorail
  • why Boise is awesome
  • would you ride a monorail?
  • Afroman’s Idaho song
  • Podolsky’s documentary techniques
  • Podolsky’s chair blind design
  • recovering a dead body from the Grand Canyon
  • wrangling condors
  • turkey vultures – will they eat until they explode? Tom Waits says they do.
  • Podolsky weighs in on Jake’s predator/prey interaction tendencies – are they sick or something great?
  • Cincinatti zoo tree cutting ants
  • ant farms
  • Podolsky’s pet hermit crab incident
  • non-native invasive species
  • alligator pets
  • big lizard in your backyard
  • how alligators work
  • Podolsky’s Boston connection
  • why condors are dying
  • are they trying to take our guns?
  • White Man’s Burden
  • salt in your ketchup
  • organic ketchup

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Also In This Episode

  • Jake called it: Cubs won the World Series
  • Chris went to Wrigleyville
  • Uber pool vs the L in Chicago
  • hanging with the Time’s Eyes family in Chicago
  • riding the hot car in chicago

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