Judith Costa on Akashic Records and Laura Pennington on Six Figure Freelance | CB167

Judith Costa wants to help you find your inner compass. Laura Pennington wants to help you earn six figures as a freelance writer. We talk with Judith about the Akashic Records, lucid dreaming, and surfing the astral plane. We talk with Laura Pennington about Donald Trump, legalizing recreational marijuana in Indiana, and working two weeks a month. Plus an original vocal experience of “You Will Remember Tonight” by Andrew WK.


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Judith Costa Topics

  • the Akashic Records
  • past lives
  • speaking Spanish
  • improving relationships
  • past events
  • reasons why we are still single
  • what is holding us back from finding true love?
  • how to love yourself
  • the meaning of your dreams
  • astrology
  • lucid dreaming
  • trying hard to relax
  • surfing the astral plane
  • theosophy
  • bob moss
  • how to find your soulmate workshop
  • “You Will Remember Tonight” vocal experience

    Judith M Costa Links


Laura Pennington Topics

  • Mix Pennington
  • Donald Trump
  • legalizing recreational marijuana use in Indiana
  • living close to Wilmington
  • Dawson’s Creek
  • how to make six figures as a freelance writer
  • working two weeks a month
  • working for low paying vs high paying clients
  • weeding out the riff raff
  • teaching in baltimore city
  • pipebomb

Laura Pennington Links

 Get the Ultimate Freelancer’s Toolkit for free at sixfigurewritingsecrets.com

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