Sister Keri Burnor ‘Nun On The Run’ plus Tracee Sioux ‘Year Of Yes!’ | CB176

Is the Cathoic Church trying to kill Sister Keri Burnor? Sister Keri thinks so. She was sexually assaulted by the Catholic Church, and now she’s the Nun on the Run.

Tracee Sioux is a life coach and author of The Year of YES! and Soul vs. Ego Smackdown and 12 other books. Year of YES! features a racy photograph of Tracee on the front cover.

Sister Keri Burnor 'Nun On The Run' plus Tracee Sioux Year Of Yes! | CB176

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Sister Keri Burnor Topics

  • priest touching her boob in 2001
  • Knights Templar
  • Crusades: good or bad?
  • good Catholics who helped\
  • “Catholic church suppresses the truth” song
  • nanotechnology
  • monks forcing 50 year olds to do sex rituals
  • Mike Poop
  • magnets
  • vortexes
  • sheet-rock
  • biological agents used to kill you’
  • Sister Burnor’s solution to gang stalking

Sister Keri Burnor Links

Tracee Sioux Topics

Tracee Sioux Links

Click the image below to check out Tracee’s book:

Tracee Sioux Bares All for The Year of Yes!

Tracee Sioux Bares All for The Year of Yes! (no actual nudity in the book)

Also In This Episode

Stick around to hear Tracee Sioux and Nun on the Run Sister Keri Burnor interview each other! Only on the Chris Brake Show.

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