Suicide Special with Carl David Suicide Prevention Advocate | CB195

Carl David’s brother committed suicide when Carl was just 16. Now Carl is on a mission to save lives… even if it’s just one. 40 Oz Pimp joins us as we talk with Carl David about suicide and how to stop it.

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Carl David: Suicide Prevention Advocate Topics

  • reasons people commit suicide
  • what you should do if you suspect someone may be considering taking their life
  • suicide statistics
  • 40 Oz Pimp drops 8 lb weight on his foot
  • 40 reveals what’s in the Folder (incl. Bill Clinton photo)
  • Jake messed up his leg, mystery problem, doctors can’t figure it out
  • Chris does a great chimpanzee impression

Carl David Links

Buy Carl’s book here…

Bader Field: How My Family Survived Suicide by [David, Carl]

Suicide Prevention Chat

If you feel suicidal or someone you know does, you can talk to someone here on Chat:

Suicide Prevention Phone Hotline

Or call this phone number: 1-800-273-8255


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