Captain Tonz and the Missing Camel | CB196

Captain Tonz is a real pirate, and we love having him on the show. We did an early show in the afternoon on a Sunday just for Captain Tonz and it took hours to get him on. It was well worth it, as we get to hear the Camel Story and many other great pirate yarns.


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Captain Tonz Topics

  • “We don’t get paid for dead camels.” -Captain Tonz

  • Fifteen wives.

  • C – F – and – G

  • P. Hardaway. A. Hardaway. Spelling?

  • Race talk about skin color and blacks and whites Vs the blacks and the whites. 

  • The camel story.

  • Megan singing at the bar karaoke 

  • Ukulele jamz. C – F – and – G

  • Plainfield Blues – Big Damn Band jam.

  • My old lady she got laid off and I just couldn’t work with my boss oh yeah. We’re moving on. Goin. To Plainfield. You know we gots to get along.

  • Tonz gets tag teamed.

  • 590 camels.

  • Cameo by Captain Tonz.

  • The nicely glitch after the technical glitch.

  • Camel smuggling.

  • $2200 per camel in the 70s

  • Tonz smuggled 200 African buffalo on the same boat.

  • Smuggling DODGY WOOD on the Soviet-controlled Black Sea.

  • International camel dispute. Romania Vs. Bulgaria. Whose camel is this?

Captain Tonz Links

  • Click the image below to check out The 13th Day written by Captain TonzCaptain Anthony B Cummins Tonz: a Pirate Autobiography | the 13th Day

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