Cast of Characters

John Rapp wanted to start a talk radio podcast with Chris Brake. Chris said “Okay.” There is rarely a plan for the show. Just a bunch of people trying not to embarrass themselves. And sometimes the format unexpectedly changes from episode to episode. What you hear is what you get.


Chris Brake

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake ShowChris Brake is the host of The Chris Brake Show.



John Rapp

Indiana Talk Show Host of the Chris Brake Show in Indianapolis. Heard on Indiana Talks and Indy in-tune and The 405 Media Group.John Rapp is the host and producer of The Chris Brake Show. John schedules guests and contributes content for the show.


Spitfire Sarah

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast on Indiana Talks and Indy In-Tune 405 Media, Sexy Sarah.Sexy Sarah AKA Silver-Tongued Sarah AKA Smirky Sarah AKA Sassy Sarah AKA Sickly Sarah AKA Spitfire Sarah was the original co-host of The Chris Brake Show. She is well-loved for her consistently opposing views with Chris Brake during the show. Sarah left the show after a systematic series of “no-call no-shows.” Chris discussed this on episode #15. Sarah has returned to the show as of episode #53.






40 Oz. Pimp

40 Oz Pimp | Chris Brake Show 40 Oz Pimp aka Certified Platinum aka Ghost aka Sean is a regular caller on The Chris Brake Show and sometimes assists during interviews.





Dale J. Gordon

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show. Dale J. Gordon from Trenton NJ and Nashville TN.Dale J. Gordon is a Nashville recording artist who often calls into the show to tell Chris and John what happened in his day.







Rich Barker

Rich Barker of Punk Rock Night at The Melody Inn in Indianapolis joins the Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast.Rich Barker is a frequent guest on The Chris Brake Show discussing the local music scene in Indianapolis. He is the co-founder of Gay Black Republican and is the current host of Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis. (Which in case you forgot, every Saturday night is Punk Rock Night at the Melody Inn in Indianapolis!)



Sisner Lauren

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast with Sisner Lauren.Lauren is Chris Brake’s sister. She sometimes appears on the show when Chris is in a pinch or he is interviewing someone she finds sexy, like Josh Robert Thompson (Geoff Peterson).







Warren Rodwell

Warren RodwellWarren Rodwell was held hostage by the Abu Sayyaf for fifteen months, but he resurfaced just to come on the Chris Brake Show. Warren is now a free man, and a frequent guest on The Chris Brake Show.







Crabby Christine & Dr. Robert

Indiana Talk Radio AM FM Internet Podcast The Chris Brake ShowCrabby Christine is a special co-host of The Chris Brake Show. She is the wife of Dr. Robert and appears as often as her schedule allows. Dr. Robert is a childhood friend of Chris and John’s and sometimes calls in to shine light on past topics and tell his stories.






David Allee

Indianapolis Podcast David Allee on The Chris Brake Show Talk Radio Internet Radio AM FM PodcastDavid Allee is the creator of the blog Church of the Ass-Bleeding Morons. He often appears on the show discussing the creatures he meets in Indianapolis. David also has an adult-oriented web comic entitled Space Farmer as well as numerous books.






Dr. Pong Fong

Dr. PongFong e joins the Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast.Pong Fong is a computer programmer and avant-garde musical artist who reluctantly appears on The Chris Brake Show when John calls him up to get his unbiased opinion on events.






 Zach Attach

Zach Attach Cox from The Movie Buzzed Podcast. Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show.Zach Cox is the host of the Movie Buzz(ed) podcast and is also a frequent special co-host of The Chris Brake Show.










Producer Bryan AKA The Over-chewed Food Dude from Chris Brake Show Indiana Indianapolis Talk Radio Podcast“Producer Bryan” AKA The Over-Chewed Food Dude. In the early days of The Chris Brake Show, Chris and John assigned Bryan the title of “producer.” This was done to help get a fire going under Bryan’s bum. However, this fire never got started so his producer title was stripped from him on-air during episode #33 and he was nominated as the “official food critic of The Chris Brake Show.” One day, Bryan will start a blog reviewing various eateries.




Jessica Irvin

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Jessica Irvin appears this episodeJessica Irvin was the first guest on the pilot episode of The Chris Brake Show. She taught Chris and John to be more honest and relentless with the guests. Her first appearance is what led to the tradition of starting each show with an apology.





Maya Maloff

Talk Radio Internet Podcast AM FM Indianapolis Indiana Chris Brake Show Podcast loves Maya Maloff.Maya Maloff was the first official fan of The Chris Brake Show. She used to regularly call the show’s call-in line during off-hours and leave voicemails giving Chris and John updates on her life. After numerous voicemails, it was realized that she was calling from a psychiatric ward. Unfortunately, she only got onto the show once. Every episode ends with her voice.

112 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. Love your stuff, thanks for the visit. Even though I usually write about ancient Egypt, and specifically the 1500 BC period, contemporary people can be the best -did you know Henry Rollins has a new show on the History Channel…DD


    • Thanks for listening, Dora! Maybe start with Episode #44, that’s a pretty good story. Or try #45, the Dawson’s Creek Trivia Challenge – it’s like 2 hours plus of Dawson’s Creek Trivia. #31 with Washboard Breezy is pretty good – also #34 with Andrew W.K. is another good one. #23 with Bill Manspeaker is great. But really if you want to hear our most popular one, check out #16 with Maya Maloff. RIP Maya, we love you!

      I’m anxious to see what Chris recommends you start with! -john


  2. Congratulations. You are now one of Uncle Bardie’s Band of Merry Followers. We rob from the miseries and give to the joys. We laugh and we cry but we are mostly entertained by Uncle Bardie. He’s a hoot. And thank you for following his blog.

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  3. Thanks for asking for the private view… because after checking you guys out… I’m so glad I did. I love podcasts (I’m currently waiting for the live Youtube review of The Strain on postshowrecaps as I type and make eggs) and I have got to hear yours too. 🙂


  4. Thank you for the follow. After browsing your site and checking out the cast of characters I’m very intrigue to know more. I’ll definitely check out a few podcast and I’m impressed with your concept. It seems it’s random acts of conversation that can lead to interesting content. Very cool! Would that be a fair assessment?


  5. Hi thanks for your follow & I’m stoked you like my my most recent blog post. I’m following in return and now just listening to your first podcast. You guys are cracking me up and remind me of hanging out with my brothers. We were all born with the comedy bone and you guys have it too, we must be long lost relatives. Actually I watched a documentary last night that demonstrated every human’s DNA can be traced back to one mother in Namibia a gazillion years ago. Maybe we all got it from her? X

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  6. That is odd indeed as I received a follow notification through my WordPress app and clicked through to reply, otherwise would likely have never heard of you guys all the way over there. Bizarro. All good though! Something has linked us, DNA??? lol…

    On that note, here’s the link to the doco about the genetic links back to one mother, as to whether I believe it, genetic scientists do with all their fancy gear, so who am I to argue??? It’s a series done with Eddie Izzard and the bit about one mother in Namibia is within the first 15 minutes or so. Cheers! Fiona.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shelley,

      We are honored that you’ll be listening to us on your 7 month road trip. We really do hope you and your husband enjoy the show.

      Please do check in with us during your road trip and let us know how everything is going!



    • Definitely great to hear from you, Pat! You definitely don’t seem very old in your photo, but if you’ve got old man insanity to share with us we are all aboard.

      That is very interesting that you have worked with blind skiiers, that is quite an accomplishment!

      Please do let us know what you think of our show.



  7. Dear Chris, thank you for following my little ‘Bliss’ (blog is such a vulgar word isn’t it?), how kind of you. I have perused your cast list and see you have more occasional gentlemen than ladies, perhaps I may be of assistance if you have a question that in my own little ladylike way I may be able to help with.
    As you may see if you can spare the time to read some of my posts, I do occasionally have a little rant so I apologise in advance for any offence. My recent rant “I have never had an ORGASM eating yoghurt, may offend your delicate American sensibilities, so now you are forearmed (oh that may not be politically correct) forewarned.
    I look forward to getting to know you better not in the biblical sense of course. I am a married lady and although Ronald hasn’t shown any rampant signs of jealousy, one never knows.

    Yours Podcastly (I am a virgin to podcasts)

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  8. Hey there, just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the follow! I’m definitely going to check out your podcasts, though your show will admittedly be my first real experience with this sort of thing. (Yes, hello 21st century, how are you? Thought I might join you finally). I see that in one of the earlier comments, someone already stole my question about which show to start with so I’ll go with one of your suggestions from there. Thanks again! 🙂


      • Oh but I am calm. You don’t wanna see me when I’m not. And just because I’m a Gemini gives you no right to call me Para. With a capital P, no less! It’s paralaxvu or nothing, if you don’t mind. Put a brake on it, Chris. And look up “parallax view” in your dictionary–no, DON’T GOOGLE IT! I said LOOK IT UP–in a book! Other than that, you’re okay. I guess.


  9. Well now, how did this crew of crazies end up on my blog site? I’m suddenly feeling very cool (and at my age, that’s rare!) 😉 I love your energy that comes across on the page. Now I just have to figure out how to listen to a podcast and I can check out your show. So looking forward to getting a Chris/John shot in the arm by listening to your podcast! Thanks so much for the follow!!


    • You’re welcome! You can listen to our podcasts by clicking on one of our episode pages, and clicking the link that says “Click here to listen to this episode online.” You can also download each episode as an MP3 file by right-clicking where it says “Click here to download this episode as an MP3” and choosing “Save As…”

      Or you can listen on iTunes, Stitcher or pretty much any other podcatcher that you may be using (mainly used on phones & tablets).

      Do let us know what you think of your Chris/John shot in the arm. I hope it is a good shot for you.



  10. Hello and thank you for following my blog! I took a quick look around here and became interested enough to try and catch one of your live shows soon. It’s nice you have the other episodes as well, so I can listen to them if I miss all your live ones because of time differences and such. Anyway, thanks again and good luck with the show!


  11. Thanks for dropping by RenoirWords. If you ever want to chat about magic/mythology/fiction stuff, or matters generally Australian, drop me a line. If we can work out timezones etc so it’s not 4 in the morning for either of us, we can swap requisite phone numbers. Cheers!


  12. Hey Chris Brake, thanks for following my blog. I have to say that I rushed it off and posted it to see what my new blog would look like and figured that no one would read it so I could edit it later, but hey If you like it then great. It’s a bit more reflective that I usually am, grumpy old man is what my wife says, anyway, thanks.

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  13. Thanks for the follow! You have quite the cast of characters, you remind me of my old group of friends and our favorite local band Norman Bates and the Showerheads. We spent hours talking about the most random things and laughing ourselves silly. Great stuff!


    • Thanks Warren, you are among an elite bunch of highly honored and respected individuals. No more waiting in lines, you’re in the Cast of Characters, baby!

      Thanks for linking to us from your new site, always great to hear from you bro.



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