Every Wednesday night we do a live talk radio show.

Every Monday morning we release a podcast of the live show.

Listen to the Chris Brake Show LIVE


Wednesdays @ 7:45 pm Eastern


Chat live with us in the Strange Label chat room

Thursday nights from 7:45 – 9:00 pm Eastern

Visit to hear all the other great shows on the station!



Or listen LIVE every Wednesday with the TuneIn app




The Chris Brake Show is also on

Talk Stream Live

Talk Stream Live

Listen to our podcast on Stitcher

Chris Brake Show on Stitcher

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Chris Brake Show on iTunes

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You can also catch our show replayed all week on various radio stations all around the world! Here’s a list of all the great radio stations that play our show. Visit them and thank them for playing the Chris Brake Show!


Chris Brake Show

Indy In-Tune

Thursdays @ 10 pm

Saturdays @ 10 am

Sundays @ 8 pm

Indy In-Tune Radio


Chris Brake Show

the 405 Media

Weeknights @ 9 pm Pacific

The 405 Media


Chris Brake Show

The Mixx FM

Thursdays @ 5 pm Eastern

The Mixx FM


Chris Brake Show


Mondays @ 10 pm Eastern

Saturdays @ 8 am Eastern

Chris Brake Show on RadioMax

Chris Brake Show

LoudTown Radio

Mondays & Fridays

7 am to 9 am

Mombasa East Africa Time Zone

Listen to Loudtown Radio


Chris Brake Show

IRN Internet Radio Network


8 pm Eastern

Internet Radio Network



Chris Brake Show



3:30 pm Central




Chris Brake Show

Freedom Talk Radio


12:00 noon Eastern

Freedom Talk Radio


Chris Brake Show

United Sounds Choice


7:00 pm Central Europe Time

United Sounds Choice



Chris Brake Show

FJS Radio

Coming Soon!

FJS Radio

Chris Brake Show

Cornucopia Broadcasting UK

Played randomly all day

Cornucopia Broadcasting

Chris Brake Show

ScotPub Radio


8:00 pm Scotland time (GMT+1) / 3:00 pm Eastern

The Pub - ScotPub Radio



Chris Brake Show

Cover Charge Radio


3:00 pm Central

Cover Charge Radio

We are proud members of the

Couch Potato Nation

Chris Brake Show on Couch Potato Nation



We are proud members of

the Tangent-Bound Network

Tangent-Bound Network

Click here to view a weekly schedule


Other places you can listen to

the Chris Brake Show include…





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