This page is a place for you to leave comments and/or questions for us to read on the air.

We might not read them on the air, but then again we just might!

37 thoughts on “Q&A FU!

  1. Thanks for my first follow from a podcast. I looked at your Cast of Characters, and I knew i had found the tribe I had been seeking for the 70 years (in February) of my life. My granddaughter,niece, nephew, and assorted millennials who come to my house every Thanksgiving will think I am soooooooo cool! I don’t know how to listen to a podcast, but, then again, I don’t know how to do anything else on social media either. What the heck!

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  2. Hi, did you make any head way with doing a podcast to make fun of Big Brother? It’s the boner of America, stupidity ranks in this game close to winning the half million. I mentioned a suggestion. I write about situations in a state hospital I experienced. I have a college bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing,and Mass Communications. Need anything, let me know.

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  3. Hi guys. Thanks for following me. I linked your podcast, but probably in a sucky way as I am very sleepy and coffee is not working. Listening to the first episode now and really liking it. I feel like my left is right and right is left.

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  4. Thank you for the like and follow – you look like the kind of crazy interesting group to follow ! New to this – so you look like the best place to start !


  5. Hi There; thanks for following me – was it because I used a rude word in my blog? (I know lots more if that’s the case). Now that I’m followng YOU, your task is to prise my attention away from SoCal enough to become interested in Indy: it’s SUCH a long way from the beach!


  6. Hey, thanks for the follow, although I can barely blog, much less ‘pod’. (Can I use that as a verb? Sure, why not – what DON’T people use as verbs these days….) I will be sure to check out your shows!

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  7. Hi! Thanks for the Follow on Crazie Town, but I hope you aren’t the ones who found me by searching “How To Kill Your Husband in His Sleep.” I love trying out new podcasts, so you are on my phone!


  8. Hi, thanks for dropping by! I was so stoked to see that you have interviewed Geoff Peterson! I am gonna listen to it right now! And while we’re at it, could you interview Craig Ferguson too?


  9. Hey, double dippers…if I picture it which I did…I wanna barf. My pod exists online on If you want an episode of “Lock up…Asylum style” drop by the site give me a call, I’m intelligent and very disturbed and not afraid to strangle the filter…lol. Great, great show guys. Thanks, Jessica Klein


  10. John referred to a blow job some psycho asked me to give him as a “Hummer.” So like is it better to hum “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” (for example) while performing a “blowjob.” What is the best name that describes oral sex done to a man. Nothing fits. I have a friend who refers to her mouth as a “small oral cavity.” Good news or bad news?

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