Liam Ryan: Cancer Guy | CB184

Liam Ryan should have died, many times. He had one of the worst cases of cancer ever, but now he doesn’t. Liam tells us how he survived cancer, and Pong Fong-e weighs in on Chris Brake’s Donald Trump Facebook shenanigans.

Liam Ryan: Cancer Guy | CB184

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  • school bus driving on the sidewalk
  • dentists, needles, and arteries
  • Jake gets a raise?
  • Pong Fong-e’s Russian political forecast
  • not bribing Russian police
  • Facebook fun with Trump supporters
  • Liam Ryan’s best cancer story ever, hands-down.

Liam Ryan Links

Liam Ryan "Cancer 4, Me 5 (After Extra Time)

Pong Fong-e Links

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